Cleaning Kit

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Laptop Sleeve Laptop Lock Thermal Paste USB Hub USB Vacuum Enclosure Wall Brackets  PS2 / PS3 Controller

Channel Sound Adapter Power Outlet Extension Cleaning Kit Audio / Video Cable usb flash drive cellphone memory card

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Power Video Transmitter USB Power Adapter LED Display Board USB Led light


Laptop Screen Cleaning KIT

Wholesale Price: PHP40.00
Retail Price: PHP 60.00


  • Screen Cleaner for Desktop, Laptop or Glass Surface.Effective advance non abrasive cleaning liquid does not scratch or harm any surface.
  • specially used in polishing liquid crystal screen.Use Cleaning Brush to remove away dust from keyboard or Laptop screens.
  • Spray proper amount of Cleaning Liquid on the Laptop screens.
  • Use Cleaning Wipe to wipe out overall screen surface.