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A. Low-Price &  High-Quality Security System Products

  1. We offer direct selling from our factory and lower transportation and customs costs, bringing the prices of our products down.
  2. Our business is almost 6 years in the Philippines, selling CCTV products and other computer accessories. We already have many dealers and resellers.
  3. We offer wholesale and retail price for  different buyers.
  4. If you want to start your own business this is the right place and time for AMax security to help you.
  5. We secure your offices, house, and your property at a lower price for a quality security system.
  6. Quality service results in good feedback from all customer reviews at TIPIDPC .
  7. Our DVR has a Hisilicon 3515 program and the cameras are loaded with Sony chipsets.
  8. The Hisilicon 3515 DVR program provides a better experience than other programs.
  9. The DVR has manual zoom and has an IP address,so it is easy to connect thru Internet Connections and Mobile devices.
  10. The Sony camera is longer life and Higher-Definition than Sharp and CMOs.
  11. All products are tested through quality control, but we test again once it received here in the Philippines.

 B.  All CCTV accessories are available.  C. (1) One year warranty for all the camera and DVR. If there is a problem with the item you buy, you can get assistance within just an hour on the same day.  D. It’s easy to setup or install. Manual and CD for how to install CCTV is also included on the box.  E. We offer after-sales service. We have a local support group glad to assist you. All agents promptly resolve any problems.