Warranty Policy

Warranty Description

important notes and must read
1.actual item may vary from picture due to stock availability.
2.availability and prices of item is subject to change without pior notice
3.no testing of item wil be made on delivery site since all item are tested pior to delivery.
4.please note that all deliveries follow a strict schedule compliance.
5.warranty does not apply to any defect,malfunction or failure as a result of misuse and abuse or damage by the electric current.
6.product compatibility is buyers responsibility.
7.No Cash Refund, Items Replacement Only.
8.No receipt & No Box, No Warranty.
9.(12) Months Replacement Warranty, defending on different items. Only some items have service warranty.
10.Change kind some items only, if no stock change other items.

NOTE:for the laptop part wholesale  item extend up to 3 months warranty.




*The old customers extended warranty service

For old customers, all product warranty time.

*Old customers can accumulate to a certain number and then return the goods together with a plastic bag, but please bandaged will rework the goods placed to avoid direct sunlight to keep, to avoid a long time, the ash and natural aging.

*Old customers, please contact your dedicated customer service professionals to obtain the address of the returned goods and confirm the returned goods.

*Old customers to obtain replacement product more relaxed conditions.

*Returned, you lay the packaging, well protected, to avoid the road pressure loss to avoid unnecessary losses. And marked with a note is any quality problem!

Returns issues

1. Different products, there is a corresponding warranty period, the warranty period, such as quality problems, you can replace it with a new artificial damage case. (Depending on the degree of damage to the appearance of the product may be)

 2. single mixed batch of product has serious quality problems, buyers need to return within 7 days after receipt of the goods as far as possible, and I am firm staff Contact solve processing more than the prescribed time, not return. (Returns the premise must be to maintain the appearance of the product and packaging intact, clean, no damage or signs of wear.)

3. Product itself no quality problems are man-made damage, packaging loss to break the warranty period shall not be allowed to return policy.