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LED/LCD/Plasma TV Wall Mount 001A

*Fits 14-32 inch LCD TV
*Weight capacity: 23kg
*Vesa 200X200 max
*Distance to wall 30mm

Price: PHP120.00

LED/LCD/Plasma TV Mount 102A

*Fits most TVs 14-32 inch
*load capacity: 50kg

Price: PHP200.00


Metal LCD Wall Mount
Model : F-01
*Firmly fix on solid wall
*the safetyloading weights 15kgs
*suitable for14″-21″Lcd
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Price: PHP200.00


LED/LCD/Plasma TV Wall Mount 002A

*Fits 26-52inch LCD TV
*Weight capacity: 45kg
*Distance to wall 30mm
*VESA compliance: 400*400mm max
Price: PHP300.00


Multifunction Cantilever Titlt Mount 103E

*For Screen Sizes 10-26inch
*Weight capacity: 13.6kg
*Tilt angle:-35/+35 degree
*VESA compliance: 75*75mm,100*100mm
Price: 400.00

LED/LCD/Plasma TV Wall Mount 003A

*For Screen Sizes 37-63inch
*Weight capacity: 54.4kg
*Distance to wall 35mm
*VESA compliance:400*600 amax

Price: 400.00

Tilting TV wall mount 106E

*FITs most TVs 26-55inch
*Weight capacity: 50kg max
*Easy to install
Price: PHP400.00


Cantilever Titlt Mount 303E

*For Screen Sizes 14-32inch
*Weight capacity: 36kg max
*Adjustable:The left and right 60degree,up and down 20degree
*Distance from the wall:60-460mm

Price: PHP500.00


Cantilever Flat Panel tilt mount 005E

*For Screen Sizes 26-52inch
*Weight capacity: 40.8kg
*Tilt angle:-30/+30degree
*VESA compliance:100*100mm, 400*400mm

Price: PHP1,100.00

Cantilever Titlt Mount 206E

*For Screen Sizes 26-55inch
*Weight capacity: 50kg max
*Distance from the wall:470mm

Price: PHP1,100.00



Cantilever Titlt Mount 006E

*For Screen Sizes 26-55inch
*Weight capacity: 40.8kg max
*VESA compliance: 100*100mm,400*400mm

Price: PHP1,600.00


Cantilever Titlt Mount 016E

*For Screen Sizes 37-70inch
*Weight capacity: 40.8kg max
*VESA compliance: 100*100mm,400*600mm

Price: PHP2,000.00

wall mount bracket 7900

Model: 7900


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Price: Php 3,200

wall mount bracket 32f
Model: 32f


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Price: Php 2,200

wall mount bracket630
Model: 630


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Price: Php 10,000