Vga to rca cable


USB Cable HDMI Cable VGA Cable Mini Cable DVI to HDMI DVI Cable Power Cord

Adapter Cpu cables Video box

vga to rca cable

Wholesale Price:Php 100.00

Retail Price:Php 150.00

* Cable factory
* 99.96% pure copper
* 24K Gold -plated

1. HD-DVD,Blue-ray DVD
2. Game Machines: Sony Plays .
3. LCD TVs(,Plasma Display
4. Rear Projection Microdisplays .
5. Hi-def DVD Payers;
6. A/V Receivers .
1. 24K gold-plated connectors ensure superior signal transfer and lifetime of maximum performance.
2. 4 screened twisted pairs of tin-copper stranded conductors with foam PE insulation layer,improve the high frequency response for wide-bandwidth and efficient signal transfer.
3. AL foil wrapped arounded the whole inner cores and tin-copper baid shielding,treble screened to provide complete immunity to environmental EMI/RFI.
4. Fully backward-compatible with DVI that handles digital ransfers at rates up to 5Gbps.
5. Working temperature:-25 degrees to 80 degrees.