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Retail Price : PHP 200.00

Wholesale Price : PHP 140.00

Product Function :
* USB Interface (fro USB 1.0 or 2.0) Plug and Play
* Fully Compatible with winqx xp/ 2000/me system
* Support Force Feedback Function Games.

Product Features :
* Support the plug and play.
* immitate the mode to convert with normal regulations mode arbritrarity.
* 12 Function keys satisfy your game action.
* The reasonable human body construition design feeling is more comportable.
* the rubberrized and textured operation parts depend the sweat antiskid.
* The shape is special, feeling comportable the shocking function is strong.
* Inside attaches manual and disk.

System Requirments:
* Computer CPU P-166 MHZ or above
* RAM32MB or Above
* USB Interface
* Windows 9x/ 2000 / XP System
* SVGA256 Monitor or above