Super Scanner Hand-Held Metal Detector

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Super Scanner Hand-Held Metal Detector

Price: P1000


  1. equipped with holster, convenient to carry
  2. function of charging, the charging time is 4 to 6 hours (charger separately available)
  3. when voltage is not enough, the light is not bright or no alarm
  4. (vibration) light alarm, can choose according to situation
  5. when using low sensitivity switch function, the probe will only be issued a warning of large metal items, but not for small metal objects don’t call the police(please don’t in front of the complete low detection sensitivity to loosen the switch)


  • overall dimensions: 410 x 85 mm x 45 mm long
  • work power: standard laminated 9 v alkaline batteries
  • alarm mode: alarm sound (shock) light synchronization
  • product weight: 409 g