Stunt engineering excavator bulldozer wireless remote control


Stunt engineering excavator bulldozer wireless remote control

Wholesale Price: 800.00

Retail Price: 1,200.00

stunt engineering excavator bulldozer wireless remote control—brand new

with wireless remote control and light

3C certification

color box package

Product Material Safety non-toxic plastic

[Product Size] 38 * 16 * 15.5cm

Front bucket can use the middle button of remote control rises and decline.

Body left steering, front and rear lights will automatically change with the bodywork.

Baby features:

Four-wheel drive, powerful, can be revolving.

   This is a very classic very good value full-function remote control truck, fully developed baby’s ability and imagination!
   Remote vehicle forward, backward, turn, spin around. Buckets can be independently controlled rise and fall, telescopic. All functions readily available!

    Large capacity rechargeable battery, the product comes with charger, rechargeable battery, remote control use 9V battery

advantages: 1, the body using the rechargeable battery pack, save the cost of buying batteries, remote control uses dedicated 9V battery, long life.

2, modeling realistic, sophisticated, bright colors, remote control feel good, it is very fit student entertainment, learning to use the remote control model.