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Laptop Screen Protector

Wholesale Price : PHP 50.00 (Minimum of 10 pcs)
Retail Price : PHP 80.00

  • Transparency95%
  • anti-harmful UV rays
  • high clear,mirror,privacy screen protector
  • 100% new high quality screen protector
  • high clear transparency of screen protector
  • high technology coating
  • Anti-damage, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint,dustproof and waterproof,
  • perfect cutting and good artwork,

Mainly features of  laptop screen protector :

  • with  a transparency up to 95% and display with a resolution of 1080p
  • with high performance evevironment friendly adhesive for automatic bonding and no debonding
  • with advanced production process,stable quality,strong weatherabiliey ,long term storage.
  • with high anti-static performance
  • washable with water for repeated use
  • strong resistance against scratching ,with anti-frication and treatment up to 4H