remote control stunt car with rechargeable battery


remote control stunt car with rechargeable battery

Wholesale Price: 450.00

Retail Price: 650.00

Remote control stunt car—-brand new

[Product Size]: about 15.5 × 12.5 × 14cm

[Product Packing size: about 27.5 × 14 × 17cm (Box)

?Weight?: 1.2KG

[Charging time :2-3 hours, not too long

[Remote time :15-20 minutes]

[Accessories]: remote control car * 1, SM plug 3.6V battery pack * 1, 9V battery * 1, remote control * 1, 3.6V SM plug charger * 1

Features: 1, wheels and body with colorful lights, colorful nighttime glare. Using modular battery, rechargeable.

2, powerful, large-size, flexible operation. Ultra-long-distance remote control.

3, full remote control, forward and backward, left and right four-channel remote control. Different combinations of keys can play a variety of stunts.

Can play a variety of stunts, forward. Backward. Small circle moves forward. Small circle backward movement. Flip mobile .360 Rapid rotation. Single round spiral rotation. Flying roll. Quickly return to the original action, etc. stunts. .

Four-channel full remote control, forward, backward, left turn, accelerate progress, with different changes in key operation ease, full of tricks.

Materials and workmanship are very delicate, very creative vehicle shape.

good buffering effect, coupled with vacuum tire increaseperformance. easy to cross the road .

Whole car accessories, car body using the latest green rechargeable battery pack. With rechargeable battery pack, charger, remote control battery, after receiving no need to buy accessories and play.

The vehicle for export version, the box above all the EU’s compulsory certification “CE” certification, and quality performance are very good, exquisite gift packaging, gift the best choice