Push Aircraft / Baby Walker


Push Aircraft / Baby Walker

Wholesale Price: 100.00

Retail Price: 150.00

Push Aircraft / Baby Walker—–brand new

wholesale:p120 for minimum 5pcs

                  p100 for 10pcs

Product packaging OPP bag

Plastic Product Material Safety

[Product Size] 23 * 19 * 14cm

Colorful push aircraft.  a small pilot sat inside, when  playfully pushed, the baby spit tongue, winks, and issued a “rattled” the crisp tone, propeller will follow the rotation is a good helper for baby walker.

Baby holding the lever pushed the plane ran forward yo, propeller-driven aircraft when it will turn up, good to hear the music , mainly to enhance your baby’s movement ability to make your baby enhance immunity

Pushing it, your baby will go more stable, faster, and courage will be greater