Power Extension 104

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Laptop Lock Power Outlet Extension


Power Outlet Extension
Model : 104
Meter : 1.1 m / 2m / 4.5m

Price for 1.1m Wired : PHP 100.00

Price for 2m Wired : PHP 120.00

Price for 4.5m Wired : PHP 150.00

Notes and warranty:
1 month replacement warranty.
Notes :
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2.Item compatibility is buyers responsibility.
3.Please check first the item upon receiving it.
4.Items order and reserve , downpayment of at least 50% of the items cost asking.
5.First come first serve basis.
6.Meet up, depending on items and delivery time.
7.The item price is only selling price,not including shipping fee and paypal payment charging.
1.No CASH refund warranty, ITEM REPLACEMENT ONLY
2.No receipt and box , no warranty
3.1 week to 6 month replacement warranty, depending on different items.
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4.Any sign of mis-usage, delivery damage or accidental warranty will be void.
5.Physical defects or burns will be void out of warranty.
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