Pairing clever egg toy


Pairing clever egg toy

Wholesale Price: 55.00

Retail Price: 80.00

Pairing clever egg toy—-brand new

[Commodity packaging]: OPP bag (6pcs for 1 pastic )
?Material?: non-toxic plastic
[Product Color: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange

type:Triangular, round, square, polygon, edge-type, trapezoidal, oval, star, flower, cross, arrow, gear type

1 pair: put a few eggs in half points together, so that children assembled.

2. Collision: put a few eggs together, let children play freely, hitting each other.

Size and shape of the same with the real eggs, do not worry baby will swallow

Improve the baby’s ability to recognize shapes, inspired downtown baby hand-eye coordination, training, response capability, but also to raise the baby’s intelligence

Use high-quality plastic products non-toxic, tasteless, meticulous workmanship, each corner is rounded, no any harm to baby’s skin fine lazy baby’s skin to cause any harm..