Monopod Selfie

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Monopad Selfie

Price: 150

Monopod features:

  • Telescopic length :22 – 95cm
  • Main material: steel
  • Expansion joints: 6
  • Length of extension :270-1120 mm



bluetooth remote shutter

Bluetooth Shutter Features:

  1. 10M Wireless Bluetooth Remote Camera Control Self-timer Shutter
  2.  Bluetooth Version : Bluetooth Versior.3.0
  3. Frequency : 2.4Hz ~ 2.4835GHz
  4. Effective distance : 10m (30ft)
  5. Battery type and life : CR2032 x 1 cell / approximately 6 months ( using 10 times a day )
  6. Size : 50mm X 33mm X 10.5mm
  7. Weight: about 28 grams