Mobile Power Bank 2

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Mobile Power Bank

power bank 1

Mobile Power Bank


High capacity Battery life
Easy to Operation

Input: DC 5.0V 1A
Output: DC 5.0V 1A

With many kinds of charging interface accessories can provide
most convenient to you and yoour friends around.
with two diffrent Ma USB output interface, for two phones charging
t the same time

Matters needing attention:
Do not move the power into the fire heating extrusion or unauthorized
this product should be keep out of children.

Product specialty:
this bankpower is available for all kinds of electronic product which
need to charge with USB,such as iphone,ipad,ipod,samsung and psp etc.

Do not break,dismantling,into the fire or placed in hot and humid place
get rid of children
plaseas turn off the power when not in use,in order to avoid continuous
power depletion