Mini Hdmi to Hdmi Cable


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Mini Hdmi to Hdmi Cable

Price:Php 200.00

Specifications hdmi cableAM to DM
2.24K gold plated,3~6ft
3.Up to 10.2Gbps,1080p
4.RoHs compliant,UL,SCA,JQA-F certified
Connect your portable DVs, Cameras, Game Consoles to your HDTV

Product Description

    Connect your portable DVs, Cameras, Game Consoles to your HDTV with a true HD connection!
    A premium quality HDMI- HDMI mini cable suitable for use with camcorders
    Features gold plated connectors, strain relief and Mylar foil shielding
    Cable constructed using the high quality material for best contact connection between HDMI equipments.
    Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality.
    A superb cable with excellent audio-visual transfer properties that deliver signal without compromising purity and balance.
    Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p resolution


    Mini HDMI (C) to HDMI (A) cable allows you to connect your newer model portable HD devices such as HD Camcorders, Digital Cameras,… to the HDMI equipped
    HDTV, Projector, Laptop computer

    Works with all HD Devices equipped with Mini HDMI connection
    Provides high-quality digital signal, so your videos appear crisp and clear on your HDTV
    Offers a convenient, easy way to enjoy your HD videos on your HDMI-compatible TV