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Mini DVI to VGA

Price:Php 300.00


1. mini DVI to VGA cable
2. 15cm length
3.High Definition
4.24K gold-plated connector
mini DVI to VGA adapter cable


This Mini DVI to VGA adapter for connecting Macs equipped with a DVI port to an  external VGA monitor or projector at home, office or to have handy while on the  road. The DVI to VGA display adapter was specially designed to allow users to  connect their DVI equipped Mac mini, PowerBook G4, or Power Mac to an external  VGA monitor or projector for 24-bit video-mirroring or dual display. The DVI to  VGA adapter plugs into the DVI port built into the new Mac mini, a PowerBook G4  or into Power Mac with NVIDIA or ATI Radeon graphic cards which feature DVI  ports.


•Length: 15cm
•Interface: mini DVI (not Micro DVI )
•designed for the iMac (Intel Core Duo),  Macbook, and PowerBook G4, allowing you to connect to an external VGA  monitor or projector.
•Connect the adapter to the Mini-DVI port of  the computer and the VGA end of the adapter to an external VGA monitor or  projector.
•Could be used in both video mirroring and  extended desktop modes

High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable

Perfect for connecting your Mini DVI source devices to VGA display devices

Optimized Connectivity

Ultra High Density, Triple Shielded, and high Intensity Twisted Pair Cable is used for the most stabilized impedance and highest uncompressed digital video signal transfer available. It maintains high bandwidth and maximum data signal integrity. Made with lead-free& environmentally safe materials is for a better world

Product Specification:

Transfer Bandwidth : From 165MHz(4.95Gbps) to 340MHz(10.2Gbps)

Cable Type: Triple Shielding

Signal Type: Transition Minimized Differential / Signaling (TMDS)

Connector Type: Mini DVI Male to VGA Male