Mini DVI to HDMI


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minidvi to hdmi

Mini DVI to HDMI

Price:Php 300.00


Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter cable
Length: 15 cm
Color: White
Small size & Easy-taken
Mini DVI interface

Mini DVI to HDMI Cable with Stable Effects in White


* Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter cable features one Mini DVI and one HDMI connector.

* Brand new and high quality.

* Allowing the video signal from a Mini DVI equipped device to be output to an HDMI equipped TV set or A/V Receiver.

* Length: 15cm.

* Color: White.


1. This is not compatible with the new MacBook/MacBook PRO,
as they have Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt Port, “NOT Mini DVI port”.
Please ensure the port you have before purchasing this product.