Mini Display to Vga cable adapter


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Mini Display to Vga cable adapter

Price:Php 350.00


Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter/Converter Cable


Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter, Rohs, UL, HDMI to mini DP, vga TO DP converter

Specification of Mini Display Port to VGA adapter

* Conductor: Tinned Copper 32AWG
* Core Dielectric: Foam Skin PE (5P), HD-PE(5C)
* Inner Drain Wire: Tinned Copper 32AWG
* Inner Al-Mylar-Al foil
* Outer Al-Mylar-Al foil
* Braid 0.12mm x 7 x 16  Al-Mg 85% Coverage
* Outer Drain Wire: Tinned Copper 32AWG
* PVC Jacket (color: optional)
* Gold contacts VGA Nickel plated Female Connector
* Gold contacts Mini DP 20P Nickel plated Male Connector
* Inner PCB (3pcs)
* UL Approved, AWM 20276, RoHS compliant


Input / Output
Connectors=Mini DisplayPort (male) -> VGA (female)
Compliance=Mini DisplayPort v1.1a compliant


Progressive=1920 x 1200, 1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p
Interlaced=1080i, 576i, 480i

Operating Environment    

Frequency=60 Hz / 50 Hz
Receiver Bandwidth=5.4 Gbps / 162 MHz
External Power Supply=None
Power Source=Mini DisplayPort
Power Consumption=15 mW (standby) ~ 400 mW (Active)

Physical Appearance    

Cable length=15 cm (5.9 inch)
Total length=22 cm (8.7 inch)
Weight=28 g (0.1 lb)