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Exquisite appearance, 3-inch 60005 thousand color high-definition color screen, numeric keypad easy number input and feature set; can store forty thousand credit card records, can also be stand-alone network, meet people more attendance; which machine LINUX platform under development, with regularly scheduled for the public to the private people to send short message function, supporting the complex time and attendance software attendance, personnel, and other management shifts, creating benefits for enterprise management.




1.  Register capacity: 30000
2. Record capacity: 100000
3.  Reader module: ID card /mafire reader module
4. Support card types: operating frequency is 13.56MHz  thick card (1.88mm), thickness of the cards (1.05mm), thin card (0.88mm) of the IC(Mifare) card
5. Credit card sensing distance: 2 ~ 22cm (depending on card)
6.  Hardware platforms: in the control ZEM510 multimedia platform
7. Operating system: LINUX
8.  Communication mode: RS232/485, TCP / IP
9.  Attendance rate: 0.2 seconds
10. LED: red, green
11.  LCD: 3-inch high definition 60,005 color screen thousands of colors
12. Operating temperature: -20 C ~ 70C
13. Operating Humidity: 10% to 80%
14.  Language:  English
15. Size: 190 (L) × 136 (W) × 36 (H) mm


1.  Embedded 32-bit RISC CPU
2.  Embedded LINUX Operating System
3. Support HOST, CLIENT U-disk
4. Standard TCP / IP communication protocol
5. Built-in WEB LINUX SERVER browser
6. Built-in multi-language interface