luxury baby rattle set 9pcs


luxury baby rattle set 9pcs

Wholesale Price: 220.00

Retail Price: 300.00

Baby Rattle Set (9pcs)—-brand new

[Product Size] 43.5 * 31.5 * 6.5cm

[Product Material] ABS, silicone, polycarbonate (PC) 100% green

color box package

Product Description:
1, can sound, rotation, catch, shaking to attract baby’s attention, promote infant upper limb muscle development and hand-eye coordination.
2, bright colors help infant to perceive  color, to promote faster development of the brain.
3, rattles voices can help baby distinguish sound, identify direction.
4, three-dimensional graphics geometry of space can induce the baby’s imagination, develop creative thinking ability.
5, safe and easy to clean, different shapes of touch, a lot of fun;

Let your baby look at, touch, and catch, shake, good for training of the baby first visual, auditory, tactile