Lenovo ThinkPad t40

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* Model : Lenovo ThinkPad T40

Retail Price : 1,500.00

Wholesale Price: 1,200.00 Minimum 10pcs

We also Have Original Battery

Lenovo Thinkpad T40 Laptop Battery Technical Specs

  • Chemistry : Li-ion
  • Capacity  : 71WH
  • Voltage : 11.1V (Compatible with 10.8V)
  • Color : Black
  • Dimension : 225.70 x 80.21 x 20.30 mm
  • Net Weight  : 455.00 g
  • Condition : Brand new with 1 Month warranty

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • Lenovo 02K6699
  • Lenovo 08K8192
  • Lenovo 08K8193
  • Lenovo 08K8195
  • Lenovo 08K8197
  • Lenovo 08K8214
  • Lenovo 92P1011
  • Lenovo 92P1060
  • Lenovo 92P1071
  • Lenovo 92P1075
  • Lenovo 92P1087
  • Lenovo 92P1089
  • Lenovo 92P1091
  • Lenovo 92P1101
  • Lenovo 92P1102
  • Lenovo ASM 08K8192

Fit Machine Models:

  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50 1841-6EX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50E
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50E 1834-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50E 1842-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50P
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50P 1832-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD R50P 1833-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T40
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T40 2374-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41 2373-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41 2374-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41 2378-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41 2379-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41P
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41P 2373-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T41P 2374-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42 2373-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42 2378-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42 2379-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42P
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42P 2373-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42P 2374-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42P 2378-XXX
  • Lenovo THINKPAD T42P 2379-XXX

Lenovo Thinkpad T40 Laptop Battery Tips :

  • Do not short-circuit . A short-circuit may cause severe damage to your laptop battery.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place (The suitable temperature is about 15°C). Before storage, you should confirm your Lenovo Thinkpad T40 battery is not fully depleted. If empty, charge for about 30 minutes.
  • Usually a lithium-ion battery should be stored at about 40% state-of-charge, because laptop battery’s self discharge can break the battery in the storage.
  • Please take out the Thinkpad T40 battery from your machine when it is not being used and clean it with soft and dry cloth.
  • Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the notebook battery as this may result in the exposure.
  • Especially avoid regularity ove-rcharging and over-discharging and high temperature.