Lenovo Keyboard IdeaPad u550

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* Model : Lenovo IdeaPad u550

*Wholesale Price: PHP 650.00 (minimum of 20pcs.)
*Retail Price : PHP 900.00

*Keyboard:Original laptop keyboards for Model

Keyboard Info:
Color: black
Version: US / UK Layout
Letter: English
Condition: Genuine and new
Warranty: 1 Month
100% Manufacturer Compatible

LENOVO Ideapad U550 Compatible Keyboard

  • LENOVO 25-009410
  • LENOVO 25-009431
  • LENOVO V-109820AS1-US

LENOVO Ideapad U550 Keyboard Fits Models:

  • LENOVO Ideapad U550

Laptop Keyboard Tips:

How to solving lenovo ideapad u550 Laptop Keyboard Problems ?
Most of the problems that are encountered by the keyboards in your laptop are simple enough that they can be handled at home. Hence, by following some simple steps it is possible to rectify these problems and you will not be required to take your device to a nearby service centre for repair. By cleaning your keyboard regularly you can effectively keep all problems associated with at bay. Some of the most basic problems like certain keys not working or the need to press the keys hard to get the desired results can be solved right in your home. Given below are some useful ways of solving these kinds of problem:

1. Keys not working
There could be occasions when certain keys may stop functioning altogether. This could be due to dust settling down on them or when you spill something over it. Certain keys may also stop responding when they are pressed gently because of insufficient lubrication or using them excessively while playing games. The below given steps should help combat these problems.
1. First up, you need to use a small screwdriver to carefully remove all keys from your keyboard. Then loosen the rubber pieces from each of them and place them separately.
2. Once all keys are removed from your LENOVO Ideapad U550 keyboard, you can either use an ear bud or a cotton swab dipped in water to gently clean the inner regions of the keyboard. However, make sure that you do not use too much water for this cleaning purpose.
3. After cleaning the inner regions of your keyboard you need to start cleaning the individual keys using a light fluid and foam rubber. After cleaning these pieces you need to leave them alone to get dried up.
4. Once the keys are dried up you can assemble them back into the keyboard carefully. Make sure that the rubber pieces too are assembled in their appropriate places.

2. When wrong characters are typed by keys
When wrong characters are typed by keys the underlying problem could be related to software, rather than hardware. During these circumstances, you may need to change your control panel settings. There is an option called “Change Key Sequence” within the section “Key Settings”. So you need to click on this option to kick-start the troubleshooting steps.
While the above mentioned steps are pretty useful for handling minor problems, you may need to take your device to a service centre and get the lenovo ideapad u550 keyboard checked there for major problems.
When laptop keyboards are smooth and truly functional it can be a fun-filled experience working on your laptop. However, when it starts malfunctioning, your problems could get compounded. So you need to make sure your device is original and is covered under warranty schemes.