Large magnetic alphanumeric WordPad


Large magnetic alphanumeric WordPad

Wholesale Price: 150.00

Retail Price: 200.00

Large magnetic alphanumeric WordPad

Toy Size: Length 26cm width 21.5cm height 3cm
Packing size: 29cm * 29cm * 3.5cm

Weight: 0.375 kg
Commodity material]: Advanced non-toxic green plastic

Commodity packaging]: flapper
Product Style: color and style
Toy Color: Blue Yellow

Accessories:0-9 numbers. 26 letters. a clock (the clock back is a small sponge, not a magnet )

1: hands-on brain training of child care, develop hand eye. Brain coordination.
2: foster children’s sense of color and rich creative imagination. Improve children’s IQ and EQ.
Three colorful magnetic numbers. Letters, so that children enjoy their creativity, play a fun, play wisdom!

This is a very good enlightenment teaching tool.the children learn math, English letters and time .