laptop sleeve size

3D Glass Card Reader Cooler Fan Laptop Bag Mouse Pad Screen and Keyboard Protector RJ45 Laptop Sleeve

Thermal Paste USB Hub USB Vacuum Enclosure Wall Brackets  PS2 / PS3 Controller Channel Sound Adapter

Laptop Lock Power Outlet Extension

Laptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale Price:
10′inc = PHP 80.00
12′inc = PHP 90.00
13′inc = PHP 90.00
14′inc = PHP 100.00
15′inc = PHP 110.00
16′inc = PHP 120.00

Retail  Price:
10′inc = PHP 100.00
12′inc = PHP 120.00
13′inc = PHP 120.00
14′inc = PHP 150.00
15′inc = PHP 150.00
16′inc = PHP 160.00

- Compact and slim, easy to slide into your backpack or briefcase or carry it on its own, convenient for travel or business trip.
- Designed for laptop / notebook / ultrabook / netbook and other computers with an 16-17 inch display or smaller, including: Apple MacBook Pro (Retina) , Acer, Dell, ASUS, HP, Google Chromebook, Intel, Sony, Samsung and more.