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laptop keyboard protector

Laptop Keyboard Protector

Wholesale Price : PHP 20.00 (Minimum of 10pcs)
Retail price : PHP 50.00


  1. Silicone Keyboard Skin
  2. Made of silicone ,Soft+smooth feel
  3. colors transparent
  4. 10. 12 .14inches available

Waterproof Silicone Keyboard Cover

Size: ( 10. 12 .14 inch) standard for laptop

silicone keyboard cover will protect your computer from scratching.
Nm treatment,anti-static, non-stick scraps and dustit .
It is flexible and good feeling-touch,
also decorate your computer and improve the speed of typing.
imported eco-friendly silicon raw material, soft feeling,
durable and tensile of its physical characteristic,
100% silicone heat-resisting cold-resisting.