IBM Keypad

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ibm key pad

Wholesale Price : PHP 120.00 (Minimum of 10pcs)
Retail Price : PHP 150.00

Super slim numeric keypad
MOdel: VKL-98 8
Size: 17 002
19 001
17 003

IBM Key Pad

*Characteristic: SLim keycap
*Color: Black, pearlescant
*Interface: PS2, USB, USB+PS2
*Compatibility: IBM PC
*Operating Voltage: 5V
*Operating current: less than 50mA
*System requirement: use with IBM of 100%
compatibles MS DOS windows 32, windows 95, windows98, windows ME, windows 2000,
windows XP operating system.
Available PS/2, USB, USB+PS/2 plug
*NOTE: windows 32 windows95, windows NT, not support USB device
*Professional manufacturer
*Strong technology support
*Applicated in stock, notebook computer, banking, KARAOKE, medical etc.
*keycap printed by laser or uv printing ink.
*Specialy designed for notebook computer