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Original laptop keyboards for HP/COMPAQ

Wholesale Price: PHP 600.00 (minimum of 20pcs.)
Retail Price : PHP 800.00

Brand new and original
This price for order.we have some stock model and original .
The stock price is about 1000.different model different price,
We can order other brand and kinds of keyboard,

We have some stock like:
CQ20 DV6 NC6120 MINI1000
CQ40 DV6-3000 6720S MINI 110
CQ42 DV2000 671X MINI 210
CQ50 DV3000 6510B DM4
DV4 DV6000 V6000 DV3-4000
DV5 NX9000 500
V2000 R3000 530
V3000 NC4200 B1200

Before buying.please read these:
 *1.some keyboard not compatible with laptop.we will order again or refund.
 *2.sometime we order wrong model size.we will order again or refund.
 *because some model laptop has many size .it is better to bring the original keyboard.
 *3.sometime the order time is in 15days.sometime is about 1month.