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Brand New Hdmi Cables-1.5/3/5/10/15 and 30meter
we have these size hdmi cable other kinds of hdmi products.
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1.5Meter 1.4Version HDMI Cable

  • Wholesale price: 80pesos minimum:10pcs
  • Retail: 120pesos

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HDMI Splitter

  • Heavy Duty 1-2 ports: 1200pesos
  • Heavy Duty 1-4 ports: 1600pesos
  • 1-8 ports: 3500pesos

HDMI Switch
3-1 ports: Php 600.00/1100(with remote)

HDMI Switching Features:

  • Able to connect up to 3 HDMI devices to just 1 HDMI  port on your HDTV/monitor;
  • Automatically switch to the device that is powered on first;
  • Avoid frequent plugging and unplugging of HDMI cables;
  • Support 1080p FullHD and 12-bit deep colour, retaining the crispy clear images;
  • High performance up to 2.5Gbps;
  • No downsizing nor conversion, no compromise in quality;
  • Mini size so it doesn’t occupy much space or look messy.
  • Maintains high resolution video – beautiful, sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, 2k, 1440p graphics and computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are easily achieve

5-1ports: Php 1,400.00
Features & Applications

  • The HDMI video switch routes digital video and audio signals from multiple HDMI sources to one HDMI display.
  • The switch can be controlled via the front panel buttons or IR remote control.
  • Eliminate duplicate purchases of expensive high definition displays.
  • Supports crystal clear HDTV resolutions to 1080p and computer resolutions to 1920×1200 (WUXGA).
  • Plug and play functionality – no new software or drivers required.
  • Eliminates the need to disconnect and then reconnect multiple HDMI sources.
  • Supports cable lengths of 65 ft. on the inputs and 82 ft. on the output.
  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3a, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 standards.
  • Ideal solution for connecting multiple HD media devices such as video game consoles, media PCs, set top boxes, DVRs, DVD
  • players etc to your home theater systems.


  • Input: Female HDMI Type A connectors.
  • Output: Female HDMI
  • Type A connector.

Input/Output Resolution :

  • Supports 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolution for HDTV displays.
  • Supports up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA) resolution for monitors.
  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3a, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 standards.

Control Methods

  • Front panel button with LED indication of port selection.
  • IR remote control for easy port selection.

100 to 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC adapter
WxDxH (in): 6.5×2.8×0.7

Package Includes

  1. Hdmi Switch
  2. AC power adapter