DVI Cable 24+5 Pin 1.5meter


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DVI Cable 24+5 pin 1.5meters

Wholesale price:Php 120.00 minimum of 10pcs

Retail price:Php 150.00


* 15 PIN male to male
* PVC jacket,Bare Copper conductor
* Gold or Nickel plated
* Gold-plated HDMI cable

DVI to DVI cabel

Connector: 24k gold plated

UL: 20276, 28AWG, 30 AWG (optional)


1080P supported

Length: customized available

Color for connector: customized available

Transmission speed: 10.2gbps/60hz,

Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2000

* A premium quality 1.4v/1.3v DVI to DVI cable is suitable for HDTV, home theater, DVD player, projector, PS3, Xbox360 and other DVI devices
* 24k gold plated connector resists corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for maximum signal transfer
* High pure oxygen free copper conductor for maximum conductivity and reliability
* Compatible with multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound
* Transfer digital audio & video signals at warp speed of 10.2Gbps


Support all HDMI and DVI devices, such asĀ  HDTV, DVD player, LCD TV, Digital TV and other similar devices