durable intelligence box building blocks



durable intelligence box building blocks

Wholesale Price: 60.00

Retail Price: 100.00

intelligence box building blocks—-brand new


High quality

[Product Size] 11.5 * 11.5 * 11.5cm

Package: mesh bag

?Material? safe plastic

Puzzle composed by the six faces, six faces can be removed separately, there is a small  letters, let your baby recognize letters of the alphabet

Clock face: let the baby know clock concept, recognizing simple figures;

Little counting Abacus surface: excercise hand and head ability. understanding the concept of numbers!

3 sides graphics recognition : Let your baby know colors and shapes  (each box with six graphic block)

Different functions of different inspiration, equivalent to the baby toys fun and practical cabin.

Educational purposes:
1, training children’s fine motor and hand-eye coordination.
2, training on geometric shapes and colors of cognitive abilities.
3, so that children understand the correspondence relationship.
4, to improve children’s analytical skills.