disassembly Lokomotiv 2136


disassembly Lokomotiv 2136

Wholesale Price: 120.00

Retail Price: 200.00

disassembly Lokomotiv—brand new

Product Material Safety plastic (EN71, 3C certification)

[Product Size] 22 * 19 * 15cm

Product packaging PVC BAG

with a screwdriver, socket tool can unscrew all the screws assembled

All screws are also plastic, very safe. Overall sophisticated materials, working-class, very strong, parents can rest assured that your baby play

Disassembly locomotive, adorable, a push forward, the chimney will swing up and down Oh, you can play with a toy car.

This toy can cultivate baby’s small hands-conscious, exercise actual operation ability and logical thinking ability, and can make the baby grew up on the name and role of utilities understand. Not only training the baby finger muscles flexibility, and improve the level of fine motor