clockwork giraffe


clockwork giraffe

Wholesale Price: 20.00

Retail Price: 30.00

clockwork giraffe==brand new
wholesale: p20 each for minimum 5pcs
Product packaging OPP bag
Plastic Product Material Safety
[Product Size] 9 * 5.5cm
1.turning the chain, so that giraffe can run, children crawling along giraffe, exercise children’s hands and feet activity!
2, giraffes move forward, the head will swing up and down, very magical oh!
3, giraffes move forward, the tail will also follow head rocking, fun cartoon action can attract children’s attention!
1, sensory stimulation: bright colors to attract children’s attention, and enhance the child’s interest in learning.
2, motor skills: walking along giraffe can promote important motor skills.
3 of discovery: a cute giraffe, vivid walking action, deeply attracted the attention of children, encourage children to explore.
Note: don t wind up fully. If over , will not work.

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