Cctv Power Box 20 Amperes

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CCTV POWER BOX 12 Volts 20 Ampere
Price :1,300


20 AMP 18 Channels 12V DC Regulated Distributed Power Supply Panel with Reset-able Fuse
18 Individually outlet pairs.
Total Output 20 AMP.
Minimum Output Amperage: 1.12 Amp/Channel.
Maximum Output Amperage: 1.65 Amp/Channel.
Output Voltage: 12V DC.
Input Voltage: 120V AC.
Integral Surge Protection.
Individual LED power indication.
Individual PTC Reset-able Fuses Output Protection.
An internal built on/off switch.
PTC Fuse setup with a built-in reset mechanism. All you have to do fix the shorts and turn it off than on.
With a red light shorts indicator so you’ll know which camera is not working.

Note: Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice.