Anti-Theft System Alarm YL-007M2C

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YL-007M2C 1000x600

Anti-Theft System Alarm YL-007M2C

Price: 7,800

– YL-007M2-1 (PSTN +GSM ) 
1. Elegant and advanced capacitive touch keypad for easy operation;
2. GSM quad-band and PSTN dual network alarm system;
3. 128×64 lattice LCD screen with clock display; 
3. 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones; each wireless zone supports maximum 10 sensors;
4. Support maximum 8 remote controls;
5. One relay switch (250V AC/ 10A);
6. Can preset 10 alarm phone numbers;
7. 3 SMS numbers: each number can choose alarm SMS, external power cut, arm/ disarm alert, telephone line cut, main panel tamper alert;
8. 10-second voice message recording;
9. Compatible with Contact ID: upload alarm information to the alarm monitoring center.
10. Timely arm and disarm.