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You can rely on an Amax Security CCTV camera to keep your family safe 24/7.

A CCTV camera for sale by Amax Security has been a proven product you can trust since 2008.

The leading provider of CCTV camera in the Philippines since 2008.

Amax Security offers an unrivaled home security system for rapid deployment

Beef up your security with a wireless CCTV camera from Amax Security

Reliable customer service from checkout to teaching you how to install your CCTV camera.
Protect what matters to you with Amax Security

About Us

Amax security is one of the leading online stores in the Philippines for home security systems. Since 2008 we have been in the business of CCTV camera sales, featuring only the best in wireless CCTV and home security systems.

Being a leading name in CCTV in the Philippines, we have many clients & re-sellers inside of Metro Manila and outside of Metro Manila who put up our CCTV cameras for sale. We have our own CCTV factory in China, with many years of experience and cooperation to bring higher quality and lower priced products.

The AMax company philosophy:

Business Philosophy: We believe in honesty, putting the customer first, being innovative and pragmatic, and practicing delicate management of our workforce.

Service Concept: We always put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

Quality concept: We wish to lead in the market for Home Security Systems and CCTV in the Philippines, and we always push to deliver only the best in wireless CCTV and Home Security Systems.

Integrity: We uphold a strong sense of product integrity by ensuring that everything we offer from our CCTV cameras to laptop parts meet the high standards of the industry.

Quality: Our CCTV camera products are from our own factory. We monitor production and testing, material selection and production process strictly, in order to guarantee the quality of each product.

Price: Factory owned advantages allow us to reduce regional disparities, and directly contact our trusted dealers and resellers of home security systems.

Efficiency: We have a professional marketing team using a one-to-one marketing model, to always bring an excellent working-day delivery.

Logistics: With our long-term cooperation with major logistics and express companies, customer service staff will select the most convenient, most affordable, most convenient mode of transport.

Service: Quality service is our core belief, so that each customer is satisfied and none will ever ask how to install our CCTV cameras.

Safe: Formal registration, no risk at Free Directory – Web Guide Conua

Company Profile : Amax Company Profile

We Supply:

  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Solar Power System
  • Laptops &  Parts (LCD & LED Panel All Size, Battery, Keyboard , Charger)
  • Cables & Adapters (VGA, HDMI, & USB)
  • Splitter and Switch (VGA & HDMI)
  • Computer Accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, etc.)
  • Wireless Router and Switch

We are Looking for Dealers and Resellers
With our Dealer and Reseller Advantages, you can start a business with low cost without the worries.
We have higher quality and cheaper products.
The profits of our customers are the first forever. We try and establish a fair price, usually the lowest, but also to allow us to give excellent customer service.
However, if you believe we have made a mistake in our pricing we are welcome to feedback.

We are worth trusting, we already have many buyers and dealers.
You can check customer’s feedback from our tipidpc account – AMax.
You can also check our business’ condition.
DTI Registered Number or Certificate No.01210095
BIR TIN Number:405-251-447-000