4ports PoE Switch

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4PORTS poe SWITH 1000X600

4ports PoE switch


The PoE Switch  provides power and data from a single point, using Power over Ethernet (PoE) over a single Cat-5 cable. The five Fast Ethernet ports can be used for any 10/100 Mbps link and four of these ports can supply industry-standard IEEE 802.3at power.


Outline Structure:
1.DC 100-240V input
2.POE 1-2-3-4 (POE output port)
3.LAN Ethernet output port
4.4 port POE power indicator
5.POE host power indicator
6.Case fix hole

Installation and commissioning:
1.Using original screws and the chassis frame to fix.
2.Insert 110-240V power into power port (don’t pull back and forth within a few seconds).
It’s normal that power indicator react red on all the time.
3.Insert RJ45 Ethernet cable into POE switch LAN port,
then connect the network to the 4 corresponding IP Camera,
orange indicator always be on, green indicator flashing said that data transmission normally.
The panel green indicator
be on all the time means POE power working normally, red indicator be on all
the time means host power supply normally.
4.POE power supply default line order 1/2+3/6-, if 4/5+7/8- need to be customized,
please inform us in advance.


POE Switch

24V          4ch POE             Php: 1,800
                   8ch POE            Php: 2,500
48V          4ch POE            Php: 2,500
                   8ch POE            Php: 3,500
                   16ch POE          Php: 9,000
                   24ch POE         Php: 11,000

POE inject:
24V  Php:200
48V  Php:300

POE Switch Instruction: