2 Port DVI Splitter video splitter

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2 Port DVI Splitter video splitter

Price: Php2,000


  • Distributes computer DVI graphic signal to 2 displays simultaneously.
  • Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signal,with no signal attenuation or distortion.
  • Fully compliant with the DVI 1.0 standard
  • Provides high digital resolution up to 1920*1200@60Hz
  • DVI cables are used to connect the DVI input and the computers output.
  • Installs in seconds


  • Use PanelLink digital technology.
  • Supports high-resolution dislplay up to UXGA (25-165MHz).
  • Can be cascaded.
  • Compliant with the specification of DVI 1.0&1.3
  • Simultaneous monitor display.
  • Plug-and-play, No extra software needed.
  • All lower resolutions operate up to 75 Hz vertical refresh Mounting Brackets and Rack-Mount Kits available.
  • Video Amplifier Bandwidth                   1.65GHz
  • Single Link Ranger                         1920×1200     
  • DVI Input/Output Connector Type             DVI-D
  • Cable DistDnce(Device to monitor)            15 m(MAx.)
  • Video in Ports                              24+5(Female)
  • Video out ports                             SP201D, DVISP102:2                      
  • LED Indicators                              1×Power   DC 5-12v                                             
  • Appearance of size 178 * 66 * 27 MM